The Veil Brewing’s Refreshing Zombie Tastee Sour Ale!

The Veil Brewing Zombie Tastee Sour Ale

The Veil Brewing Zombie Tastee Sour Ale

The Veil Brewing

Is it 5 o’clock yet?! Rain didn’t keep us from picking up this Zombie Tastee sour ale from The Veil Brewing!
I had a super tough workout the other day and this refreshing sour was probably the best thing I could come home to. Great pick-me-up with hints of grapefruit, lime, and cherry. Looking forward to trying out more Richmond craft beers!

I’ve been to The Veil Brewing a few times to pick up beer and this time was a lot better than the first time. Tuesdays are always rough because they drop their new flavors then and lines have been out the door from my experiences but this time, it wasn’t so bad. It was raining so it was just a quick in and out. The inside was packed but the line to get 4-packs and cases to go was empty. They also now have parking (which I still drove past by accident) so that’s convenient!

What’s your favorite brewery in Richmond? Or just in general?

1301 Roseneath Rd. Richmond, VA

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