First Visit to Nate’s Bagels Brick & Mortar Bagel Shop – Lots of Photos!

Nate’s Bagels

Let’s give a warm welcome to Nate’s Bagels’ first brick and mortar store, located in the Fan on a quiet part of Cary Street that intersects with Allen.

It’s a quick spot if you just wanna pick up your bagels and coffee and carry on with your day.

You might be greeted by a long line at Nate’s Bagels–ours was almost out the door–but it moves really quickly and you can get a bagel in less than 10 minutes.

I’ve waited in a New York bagel line for over 45 minutes before and this place’s quality compares or exceeds that! Minus the over-inflated hype.

Super limited seating! Most of it is just 2-tops. There’s a bar as well as one 4-top but you might just have an easier time eating outside while standing than finding a seat indoors.

Simple drip black coffee goes great with the bagels, especially … Read the rest

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