Tiny Victory – Filipino-Inspired Dishes Finally Taking Roots

Tiny Victory’s grand opening, located in Jackson Ward

Tiny Victory's Sisig close up

I was able to make some time for Tiny Victory’s grand opening earlier this week and I wanted to share my experience (as well as some pictures of course). I’m excited for what this little restaurant will serve up and will definitely be back in the future.… Read the rest

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ZZQ Texas Style Barbecue Now Finding Its Home in Richmond, VA

ZZQ Texas Style Barbecue Now Finding Its Home in Richmond, VA

Store front

ZZQ is new to Richmond. For a while, they were doing pop ups at places like Ardent and they’ve been working really hard to get where they are today. Because of all that work, Richmond is definitely taking notice.

This is honestly the best BBQ I’ve had in Virginia and highly comparable to BBQ from Austin, TX.

Now, let me pre-face this post with one thing: this is my third visit to ZZQ but this is the only time I’ve been able to taste anything. The first two times, it was sold out! I told myself “I’m getting there early this time, I’m not letting them sell out another time.”

The Best BBQ in Virginia

Let’s first talk about the location like always. From the outside, this place is pretty underwhelming… The first time I ever went here, I … Read the rest

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The Veil Brewing’s Refreshing Zombie Tastee Sour Ale!

The Veil Brewing Zombie Tastee Sour Ale

The Veil Brewing Zombie Tastee Sour Ale

The Veil Brewing

Is it 5 o’clock yet?! Rain didn’t keep us from picking up this Zombie Tastee sour ale from The Veil Brewing!
I had a super tough workout the other day and this refreshing sour was probably the best thing I could come home to. Great pick-me-up with hints of grapefruit, lime, and cherry. Looking forward to trying out more Richmond craft beers!

I’ve been to The Veil Brewing a few times to pick up beer and this time was a lot better than the first time. Tuesdays are always rough because they drop their new flavors then and lines have been out the door from my experiences but this time, it wasn’t so bad. It was raining so it was just a quick in and out. The inside was packed but the line to get 4-packs and cases to … Read the rest

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Sub Rosa – The Best Bakery in Richmond

If you’re a bread lover or a coffee consumer, Sub Rosa is probably on your list. And if it’s not, let’s talk about why it should be.

That Churchill vibe

Sub Rosa is located in Churchill around the corner from Alamo BBQ and across from The Roosevelt, so just imagine quiet streets with the sounds of cars breezing by once in a while, imagine it’s Sunday morning and you’ve just finished your morning run, you’re sitting outside with the birds chirping enjoying some of the best pastries in town. Time is slow in Churchill and you’ve got time in Churchill. That is Sub Rosa to Richmond.

Outdoor seating

It’s a small shop, just like a lot of other Richmond shops. The entire store front is windowpane so when you walk in, you’re greeted with beautiful pastries placed out behind the glass cabinet and a brightness that goes with the feeling of the … Read the rest

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BLT from Salt & Forge – Best Ever!

Salt & Forge – Sandwiches, Salads, Amazing

This BLT from Salt & Forge was actually amazing. I don’t say that about stuff often. It was that good.

Unsuspecting signage


It’s probably easy to pass by this place. Salt & Forge is on an unsuspecting block, across from Fighting Fish and J Kogi and in between some boarded up and closed neighboring storefronts. Even the big sign was easy to miss, being way above eye-level.




The seating and dining area are minimalist–in a good, simple way. You’ll find tall, tiled ceilings which are common in Richmond. Seating is varied: big tables for groups, small tables for catching up with a friend, and some window seats to catch the rays. I did love that there were a lot of the bigger group tables because they’re multi-use. They’re easy to share with other dinners and also easy to accommodate a large group of … Read the rest

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Ironclad Coffee Roasters – Dream Interior!

Ironclad Coffee Roasters

Fire station turned open air coffee shop! Ironclad Coffee Roasters now has a permanent brick-and-mortar location that you can sit down at and enjoy a specialty coffee. Before this, they were selling their coffee as wholesale to select stores.


Coffee Here sign

On these warm summer days, you’ll find the huge front garage door open to welcome those walking in. Being situated on a quiet street adjacent to Broad, on a weekend day like the one we visited, it’s quiet and relaxed–opposite to the hustle and bustle of many city coffee shops you imagine. We found a lot of the guests to be coming in running clothes, stopping by for a quick drink.

Outside looking in

There is both upstairs and outdoor patio seating available. Upstairs looks great for getting some work done without being disturbed. The outdoor patio is great for catching up with a friend and you need a quiet space. … Read the rest

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Whisk RVA – French Vanilla Macaron

Bastille Day French Vanilla Macaron from Whisk RVA

French Vanilla macaron

We’re not really macaron experts but we know they’re an art, so look at those feet, look at the fullness (not hollow at all!), and look at that creamy vanilla filling. You could probably even see the texture and imagine biting into it. The coolness of the cream is a great contrast to the crispy and chewy almond cookies and these special Bastille Day treats probably didn’t last long. Whisk has been the macaron staple in Richmond for a while so you know where to go if you’re in need of one.

Outside of Whisk

Macaron cross section

Store front


2100 E. Main St, Richmond VA 23223

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The Perfect Egg – Dutch & Co

The Perfect Egg 🥚🐟

Perfect Egg - Dutch & Co

Dutch & Co is a quaint little spot nestled in the historic neighborhood of Churchill. We ordered their perfect egg as part of their three-course prix fixe menu and it was eggcellent! Perfectly crusted egg with a runny yolk, paired with cured salmon. We could go for seconds!

400 N. 27th St. Richmond, VA 23223

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