2019 and Beyond for Us

Hey 2019, it’s been a real long while since our last post (like six months actually) and there’s kinda an explanation. The short of it is just that it’s hard to find time to keep up with work, personal life, and then a blog on top of it. After a long day, I just wanna kick back, relax, binge some YouTube, and so on. It is also just as hard to find the motivation behind that. Life can’t be put in a box and there is a lot more to write home about than just food.

Because of that, I think it’s best to just do once-a-month blog posts. It gives more space between thoughts. My hope is that it doesn’t become a chore, a dirty dish used last night that I don’t want to get around to.

Of course, this blog was started on food (and travel) and, as … Read the rest

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