First Visit to Nate’s Bagels Brick & Mortar Bagel Shop – Lots of Photos!

Nate’s Bagels

Let’s give a warm welcome to Nate’s Bagels’ first brick and mortar store, located in the Fan on a quiet part of Cary Street that intersects with Allen.

It’s a quick spot if you just wanna pick up your bagels and coffee and carry on with your day.

You might be greeted by a long line at Nate’s Bagels–ours was almost out the door–but it moves really quickly and you can get a bagel in less than 10 minutes.

I’ve waited in a New York bagel line for over 45 minutes before and this place’s quality compares or exceeds that! Minus the over-inflated hype.

Super limited seating! Most of it is just 2-tops. There’s a bar as well as one 4-top but you might just have an easier time eating outside while standing than finding a seat indoors.

Simple drip black coffee goes great with the bagels, especially … Read the rest

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Ironclad Coffee Roasters – Dream Interior!

Ironclad Coffee Roasters

Fire station turned open air coffee shop! Ironclad Coffee Roasters now has a permanent brick-and-mortar location that you can sit down at and enjoy a specialty coffee. Before this, they were selling their coffee as wholesale to select stores.


Coffee Here sign

On these warm summer days, you’ll find the huge front garage door open to welcome those walking in. Being situated on a quiet street adjacent to Broad, on a weekend day like the one we visited, it’s quiet and relaxed–opposite to the hustle and bustle of many city coffee shops you imagine. We found a lot of the guests to be coming in running clothes, stopping by for a quick drink.

Outside looking in

There is both upstairs and outdoor patio seating available. Upstairs looks great for getting some work done without being disturbed. The outdoor patio is great for catching up with a friend and you need a quiet space. … Read the rest

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