BLT from Salt & Forge – Best Ever!

Salt & Forge – Sandwiches, Salads, Amazing

This BLT from Salt & Forge was actually amazing. I don’t say that about stuff often. It was that good.

Unsuspecting signage


It’s probably easy to pass by this place. Salt & Forge is on an unsuspecting block, across from Fighting Fish and J Kogi and in between some boarded up and closed neighboring storefronts. Even the big sign was easy to miss, being way above eye-level.




The seating and dining area are minimalist–in a good, simple way. You’ll find tall, tiled ceilings which are common in Richmond. Seating is varied: big tables for groups, small tables for catching up with a friend, and some window seats to catch the rays. I did love that there were a lot of the bigger group tables because they’re multi-use. They’re easy to share with other dinners and also easy to accommodate a large group of friends.

The materials they used inside were simple. Dark wooden tables and tall metal chairs give it an industrial feel.

Yama Cold Brew

There’s always time for coffee

I must not go to coffee places that often or maybe I just don’t notice but there was a gigantic tower of water slowly dripping over ground coffee. I had to ask what it was because I’ve never seen anything so big. It was a Yama cold brew tower (you’ll have to google that more) and I had to try it. The coffee was dark but not bitter. It was also cold which was great for a summer day. Because of that, it didn’t need anything else to go in it.

Now let’s talk about the food

We wanted to come here for a quick Friday lunch date. Sandwiches were a great idea and Salt & Forge was a great place.

Hanover BLT


I had been hearing about this BLT on Instagram all week. Hanover tomatoes, Idle Hands Bread Co., Soul & Vinegar pimento, amazing crispy bacon, jalapeno mayo. Why does this sound so good? I’ve always thought “why would you want a sandwich of… toppings?” but this sandwich really changed my mind. The pimento was rich and creamy (but somehow not heavy, how?!) as well as the mayo but it was offset by the crunch of the bacon and the juiciness of the tomato. You’d think the pimento was the star of this handheld but it was the tomato! This sandwich wouldn’t be the same without it.

Fair warning, this sandwich is messy! It’s juicy and you’ll get it all dripping down your hands but don’t worry, it’s part of the experience.

Potato salad

But wait let’s talk about this potato salad too. I loved the combination of red potatoes, huge bits of crunchy bacon, and the mustard dressing. Usually potatoes salads are killed by how much mayo there is but this was done just right, still staying light but flavorful.

Turkey & Blackberry

Turkey & Blackberry

This sandwich was a classic pairing of brie and jam; throw in some turkey and arugula and you’ve got an awesome go-to for a great lunch spot. Plus you probably won’t feel too guilty about eating something this light. You’ll find some crispy shallots that are a pleasant surprise also. All the flavors came together really well.

The verdict

There’s no way I’m not coming back here again. Holy… I feel bad for the turkey & blackberry sandwich. It was great but after I had a bite of the BLT, I could not stop thinking about it. I was thinking about it in bed last night! It was only a weekly special but I really hope that it finds its way onto the permanent menu.

Recommend this place to your friends, knowing that this is a probably a hidden Richmond gem. It certainly won’t disappoint. Hopefully the BLT is still there when you visit.

BLT Cross sections

Salt & Forge
312 N 2nd St, Richmond, VA 23219

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    1. A lot of their sandwiches are really good! I was actually thinking about their BLT the other day and oh man, I miss that thing!

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