Whisk RVA – French Vanilla Macaron

Bastille Day French Vanilla Macaron from Whisk RVA

French Vanilla macaron

We’re not really macaron experts but we know they’re an art, so look at those feet, look at the fullness (not hollow at all!), and look at that creamy vanilla filling. You could probably even see the texture and imagine biting into it. The coolness of the cream is a great contrast to the crispy and chewy almond cookies and these special Bastille Day treats probably didn’t last long. Whisk has been the macaron staple in Richmond for a while so you know where to go if you’re in need of one.

Outside of Whisk

Macaron cross section

Store front


2100 E. Main St, Richmond VA 23223

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The Perfect Egg – Dutch & Co

The Perfect Egg 🥚🐟

Perfect Egg - Dutch & Co

Dutch & Co is a quaint little spot nestled in the historic neighborhood of Churchill. We ordered their perfect egg as part of their three-course prix fixe menu and it was eggcellent! Perfectly crusted egg with a runny yolk, paired with cured salmon. We could go for seconds!

400 N. 27th St. Richmond, VA 23223

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Phuong Trang – San Diego

Nem Nuong Cuon (BBQ Pork Meatball Rolls) from Phuong Trang

The ultimate Asian food scene in San Diego, CA is on Convoy Street. We sat down at Phuong Trang and ordered a bowl of pho, a broken rice dish and these fresh spring rolls were a knock out!

They were probably twice the size of ones we’ve had before and it’s not often that you see nem nuong spring rolls served–it’s usually the classic fresh pork and shrimp spring rolls or fried pork rolls. Being BBQ pork, it gave the spring rolls a slight sweetness that I was not familiar with in a roll but it was very welcome. Really good by itself and even better dipped into some peanut sauce, with the lettuce and herbs cutting through that creaminess.

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