First Visit to Nate’s Bagels Brick & Mortar Bagel Shop – Lots of Photos!

Nate’s Bagels

Let’s give a warm welcome to Nate’s Bagels’ first brick and mortar store, located in the Fan on a quiet part of Cary Street that intersects with Allen.

It’s a quick spot if you just wanna pick up your bagels and coffee and carry on with your day.

You might be greeted by a long line at Nate’s Bagels–ours was almost out the door–but it moves really quickly and you can get a bagel in less than 10 minutes.

I’ve waited in a New York bagel line for over 45 minutes before and this place’s quality compares or exceeds that! Minus the over-inflated hype.

Super limited seating! Most of it is just 2-tops. There’s a bar as well as one 4-top but you might just have an easier time eating outside while standing than finding a seat indoors.

Simple drip black coffee goes great with the bagels, especially at 9am after an 11-mile run, being up since 5am.

Now let’s talk about the bagels

I got the Lox with the Works on a rosemary salt bagel.

The bagel itself is amazing, super crispy on the outside, toasted perfectly, with a great crunch when you bite down on it and then when you get your bite in, it’s warm and chewy, soft and airy.

The rest of the sandwich is classic: cream cheese that’s warmed up by the toasted bagel gets a little melty over the smoked salmon, contrasted by the brininess of the capers and the crunch of the red onions. So good for an early Saturday morning.

We also got an Ol Virginny (Sausage Craft patty, 2 fried eggs, local tomato jam, caramelized onions, cream cheese) and what I think is a TBA (Turkey, bacon, avocado, herbed aioli).

The TBA was creamy and cheesy, sharp from the white cheddar and smoky from the bacon.

The Ol’  Virginny is a classic breakfast sandwich, but with unexpected parts as well.

Tomato jam spread onto the bagel gives it a little sweetness, which I first mistakenly thought was the sausage.

Just two great bagels right next to each other.

Take a look at that and just imagine biting into it.

It was actually so crispy that it destroyed the top lining of my mouth but that’s okay.

The devil is in the details. Look at how crunchy that looks! I’m a huge fan of everything bagels but this was just poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Would be a great additional to add more things like… caramelized onions, toasted garlic, etc. But still great.

Here’s an even closer look.

Sausage, egg, and cheese cross section!

I love when quick places use stamps for their logoing. It seems like it’s becoming more common.

Final thoughts on Nate’s Bagels: great bagels, quick lines, good prices.

21 S Allen Ave, Richmond, VA 23220

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