Ironclad Coffee Roasters – Dream Interior!

Ironclad Coffee Roasters

Fire station turned open air coffee shop! Ironclad Coffee Roasters now has a permanent brick-and-mortar location that you can sit down at and enjoy a specialty coffee. Before this, they were selling their coffee as wholesale to select stores.


Coffee Here sign

On these warm summer days, you’ll find the huge front garage door open to welcome those walking in. Being situated on a quiet street adjacent to Broad, on a weekend day like the one we visited, it’s quiet and relaxed–opposite to the hustle and bustle of many city coffee shops you imagine. We found a lot of the guests to be coming in running clothes, stopping by for a quick drink.

Outside looking in

There is both upstairs and outdoor patio seating available. Upstairs looks great for getting some work done without being disturbed. The outdoor patio is great for catching up with a friend and you need a quiet space. There was great shade too on this hot July day.


It looked like all the hardware they were using was brand new. All the machines were spotless and the barista did a great job of keeping things clean.

Iced cappuccino

The iced cappuccino I got was awesome–super smooth and pleasant to drink. It had the desirable coffee flavor that you come for but none of the bitterness, not of the bite, that you don’t like. There is absolutely no need to add anything on top of it.

Beautiful marble bar Interior wall and walkway

I loved the interior of this shop, every bit of it honestly. The way the exposed brick looked on the wall, offset by the black metal beams outside and the huge white marble bar in the center. Everything about it screams “we’re trying to preserve and honor the space we are in.”


The menu is simple and sweet. Come for the basics and enjoy it for what it is. Before you add your cream and sugar, take a sip to honestly see what Ironclad has cultivated for you. It’s worth it.

1805 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23223

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