Free Food: The Round-up

Hey y’all, so let’s finally talk about all the free food I got in March and how much I ended up actually saving.

The straight numbers

Last time I posted, I said that I was about 21 days into March. By that point, I had spent $264 on food & dining.

March Spending

Now that March is over and we’re looking back, I had spent $400 in total on food in March.

Now I could have definitely spent a little less than this. I think in the last weekend of March, I was a lot more willy nilly about buying food. I mentioned that I had driven up to DC to visit my parents for the weekend and ended up spending like $50 on food in one day (as well as gas money). Earlier that weekend, I also attended a birthday party. I brought some drinks as a good faith effort but no one ended up drinking the ciders I brought 😫

So, I think that going from $669 a month to $400 a month is pretty dramatic. A savings of almost $300 seems like it was definitely worth the effort.

Now going forward, will I keep this up?

Saving $300 a month sounds awesome. For the month of March, I really didn’t go out much. I think I went out to dinner with friends once and spent $25. My girlfriend and I also went out to dinner at Bonefish Grill but used a giftcard to cover most of the costs. Honestly though, I don’t know if it’s realistic in the long-term.

I might not always get away with eating out only a few times a month. In fact, this month (April), I’ve already blown my budget out of the water. I think I’ve gone out to eat already more than all of last month. Then I’ve also got a day-trip planned to Virginia Beach to go out and eat all day.

But this is of course not complaining, more just forecasting. I’ve always loved food. This blog is loosely based on a passion for food. To spend a little more on food each month wouldn’t be so bad. As long as the food is actually good. Earlier this month, I spent $14 on a poke bowl and regretted it. The food was super salty, the rice was cold and had been left out, just overall not enjoyable.

Back to free food at work

So let’s get back to the beginning of it all: free food at work. It’s always going to be there I think. Even this week, we’ve had free food more often than not. There was a networking event the other day, catered with finger-food and drinks. Yesterday was a company-wide, catered event. There are still leftovers from that. In fact, there are free donuts within 40 ft of me.

So I’ll try to find a balance. I want to put my money towards eating good food with people I like. To spend it on mediocre food would be a waste.

Alright, I’ve started rambling. Just wanted to get an update out there. Look forward to a more detailed post in the future maybe. Thanks for reading!

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