Dreamlines—Kinda Like Timelines but for Dreams

I wrote a post a few months ago actually about remembering to dream big and that dreams are closer than most think. At that time, I was starting a book named The Art of Possibility. I never finished it but it was enough to change my outlook on what is and isn’t possible. Spoiler alert, not much is “impossible.” Since then, I’ve read other books that say just the same thing, one being The Dip by Seth Godin (awesome and short read) as well as the book that this particular post is based on, more on that in a sec. And if you know me, you probably know I plan things way in advance. So let’s talk about creating a dreamline.

What is a dreamline?

I started a book today named The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris (full audio book found here). There are a lot of new terms I’ve been finding in the book but one in particular is a “dreamline.” It’s kinda like a timeline but one for dreams. That way your dreams become goals and you know what milestones you need to hit to make them come true.

Now I’m going to be paraphrasing here since most of what I’ve listened to so far has been while cooking. For dreamlining, we have to ask ourselves a few questions:

  • What do I want to be?
  • What do I want to have?
  • What do I want to do?

Once we answer these questions, it’s a little easier to plot how we are actually going to do that. What all of this is about is getting the ball rolling. It’s easy to dream about suntanning on a yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean, sipping a margarita and not thinking about work. But this is how we start getting there.

An example dreamline, filling out each question then planning realistic steps to achieve each goal.

So we start answering these questions and maybe we don’t actually want all the frills we imagined having. We thought big picture but didn’t see the small details. We can trim away some of the extra stuff. No, I don’t need to suntan on a yacht. It could just be on a beach somewhere else. Perhaps I don’t even want to suntan. I actually don’t like alcohol that much, maybe it’s just a nice Sprite instead.

Defining a dream

Let me go through this exercise myself. I guess I can start off by imagining what I’ll have. It’s probably easier to define than what I’ll be or what I’ll do. Let’s just imagine this is 20 years from now (at which point I’ll be 45 years old).

What will my family look like?

I’ve been married for a long while now and my two or three kids are probably past their pre-teen years. Maybe the older ones are thinking of what they’ll do after they graduate high school. Possibly college? Or maybe college won’t even be a thing then. It could be too expensive by then or even free, who knows? We’ve always gone on big family trips and we have authentically experienced other cultures in the world. Growing up, all the kids had tons of road trips. We don’t worry about where our next meal comes from or stress out about bills. We’re close and enjoying spending time together.

What cars will we drive?

My wife and I drive electric cars. I’m a huge Tesla fan. Hopefully they’re still around then. I probably have a sedan to get me to and from work. She definitely has an SUV to haul around the kids to practices and the grocery store and everything in between. Both the cars were bought used and still doing their jobs.

What kind of house are we living in?

We’re living in a decent house. It’s not huge but it fits me and family. The kitchen is the center piece of the home where we host friends and family for dinner. The house is nicely renovated with a nice big island for all our home cooking. Tons of space for the kids to throw flour everywhere. The house is also sustainable, well insulated, and partially solar-powered. We’ve got a two-car garage charging both our cars and also space in there for a minimalist gym (a nice treadmill, a platform with weights, and all those other things). This is also our second or third home. Our first couple of homes have become rental properties now with long-term low-maintenance tenants that generate us a modest passive income each month.

Next up, how are we even going to get there?

So now I’ve got our dream set up and in the next post, I’ll further define the actual timeline of how this is all going to work out. I haven’t really thought of the years or dates yet but this should be a good exercise to do just that.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to you reading the next one. Hope you sit down and write one of these also 🙂

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