Dreamlines—Kinda Like Timelines but for Dreams

I wrote a post a few months ago actually about remembering to dream big and that dreams are closer than most think. At that time, I was starting a book named The Art of Possibility. I never finished it but it was enough to change my outlook on what is and isn’t possible. Spoiler alert, not much is “impossible.” Since then, I’ve read other books that say just the same thing, one being The Dip by Seth Godin (awesome and short read) as well as the book that this particular post is based on, more on that in a sec. And if you know me, you probably know I plan things way in advance. So let’s talk about creating a dreamline.… Read the rest

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Free Food: The Check-In

Hey there, so it’s been a little bit of time since our last post on what I’ve been doing with the free food at work so let’s catch up. If you haven’t read that last one yet, you can check it out here.

How often I’m actually getting free food

It’s been a good month at work so far. The first week after writing the last blog post, I brought my lunch in on Monday and never ate it that entire week. There has honestly been a glut of free food in the recent weeks but I’m not complaining.

Common at most workplaces is a free lunch for new hires. I was lucky enough to onboard one of our new product managers and took him out to a nice Chinese restaurant that is enjoyed by everyone in the area. Crazy thing is that their portions are gigantic. You could easily … Read the rest

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How to Scrounge Around for Free Food at Work

I’ve been thinking about writing a little bit about my personal finance goals and how I’m getting there. But maybe writing about how I’m scrounging around for food at work wasn’t the first thing I wanted to write about. Nevertheless, let’s get into this.

Now maybe a question that comes up is “what are you talking about ‘scrounging‘?” Well, what I mean is just getting free food at work. “Oh okay, that’s easy enough to understand.” But no, I mean being intent about finding free food at work.… Read the rest

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