Tiny Victory – Filipino-Inspired Dishes Finally Taking Roots

Tiny Victory’s grand opening, located in Jackson Ward

Tiny Victory's Sisig close up

I was able to make some time for Tiny Victory’s grand opening earlier this week and I wanted to share my experience (as well as some pictures of course). I’m excited for what this little restaurant will serve up and will definitely be back in the future.… Read the rest

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SomiSomi – Delicious Matcha Soft Serve over Chewy Waffles!

SomiSomi on Convoy Street in San Diego

SomiSomi Matcha + Vanila

Great creamy soft serve on a crispy, chewy fish-shaped waffle from SomiSomi

We came on a Sunday afternoon to SomiSomi. The parking lot was full and we had to drive around a few times before a spot opened up. Then, for some reason, there was a line out the door. We thought we’d have to wait for a while but we don’t think we waited more than 15 minutes–the staff there was really good about getting people their orders quickly.

There’s a pretty simple menu: a few soft serve options (original, ube, matcha, etc), a few filling choices (red bean, etc), the choice between a fish-shaped cone or cup, and then a good number of toppings.

Super creamy and airy soft serve

We got a matcha/vanilla swirl with red bean filling in a fish-shaped cone. The staff recommends getting a cup with the … Read the rest

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Phuong Trang – San Diego

Nem Nuong Cuon (BBQ Pork Meatball Rolls) from Phuong Trang

The ultimate Asian food scene in San Diego, CA is on Convoy Street. We sat down at Phuong Trang and ordered a bowl of pho, a broken rice dish and these fresh spring rolls were a knock out!

They were probably twice the size of ones we’ve had before and it’s not often that you see nem nuong spring rolls served–it’s usually the classic fresh pork and shrimp spring rolls or fried pork rolls. Being BBQ pork, it gave the spring rolls a slight sweetness that I was not familiar with in a roll but it was very welcome. Really good by itself and even better dipped into some peanut sauce, with the lettuce and herbs cutting through that creaminess.

We were really just looking for something quick and filling before going on about our day of adventuring and Phuong … Read the rest

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