ZZQ Texas Style Barbecue Now Finding Its Home in Richmond, VA

ZZQ Texas Style Barbecue Now Finding Its Home in Richmond, VA

Store front

ZZQ is new to Richmond. For a while, they were doing pop ups at places like Ardent and they’ve been working really hard to get where they are today. Because of all that work, Richmond is definitely taking notice.

This is honestly the best BBQ I’ve had in Virginia and highly comparable to BBQ from Austin, TX.

Now, let me pre-face this post with one thing: this is my third visit to ZZQ but this is the only time I’ve been able to taste anything. The first two times, it was sold out! I told myself “I’m getting there early this time, I’m not letting them sell out another time.”

The Best BBQ in Virginia

Let’s first talk about the location like always. From the outside, this place is pretty underwhelming… The first time I ever went here, I … Read the rest

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First Visit to Nate’s Bagels Brick & Mortar Bagel Shop – Lots of Photos!

Nate’s Bagels

Let’s give a warm welcome to Nate’s Bagels’ first brick and mortar store, located in the Fan on a quiet part of Cary Street that intersects with Allen.

It’s a quick spot if you just wanna pick up your bagels and coffee and carry on with your day.

You might be greeted by a long line at Nate’s Bagels–ours was almost out the door–but it moves really quickly and you can get a bagel in less than 10 minutes.

I’ve waited in a New York bagel line for over 45 minutes before and this place’s quality compares or exceeds that! Minus the over-inflated hype.

Super limited seating! Most of it is just 2-tops. There’s a bar as well as one 4-top but you might just have an easier time eating outside while standing than finding a seat indoors.

Simple drip black coffee goes great with the bagels, especially … Read the rest

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BLT from Salt & Forge – Best Ever!

Salt & Forge – Sandwiches, Salads, Amazing

This BLT from Salt & Forge was actually amazing. I don’t say that about stuff often. It was that good.

Unsuspecting signage


It’s probably easy to pass by this place. Salt & Forge is on an unsuspecting block, across from Fighting Fish and J Kogi and in between some boarded up and closed neighboring storefronts. Even the big sign was easy to miss, being way above eye-level.




The seating and dining area are minimalist–in a good, simple way. You’ll find tall, tiled ceilings which are common in Richmond. Seating is varied: big tables for groups, small tables for catching up with a friend, and some window seats to catch the rays. I did love that there were a lot of the bigger group tables because they’re multi-use. They’re easy to share with other dinners and also easy to accommodate a large group of … Read the rest

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The Perfect Egg – Dutch & Co

The Perfect Egg 🥚🐟

Perfect Egg - Dutch & Co

Dutch & Co is a quaint little spot nestled in the historic neighborhood of Churchill. We ordered their perfect egg as part of their three-course prix fixe menu and it was eggcellent! Perfectly crusted egg with a runny yolk, paired with cured salmon. We could go for seconds!

400 N. 27th St. Richmond, VA 23223

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