Time to challenge myself and lean into this all the way

I’m setting a challenge for myself. One video & blog post a week. For a year. That’s 52 total. I know that’s a lot but let’s see how it goes.

So if you didn’t already know, I used to like making random YouTube videos. I especially liked making them for a student organization I was part of during college. It was a nice outlet for me outside of course work and going to the gym. Making videos was a nice way to remember events or to just share with friends. I’ve been wanting to get back into that for a while now.… Read the rest

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Dreamlines—Kinda Like Timelines but for Dreams

I wrote a post a few months ago actually about remembering to dream big and that dreams are closer than most think. At that time, I was starting a book named The Art of Possibility. I never finished it but it was enough to change my outlook on what is and isn’t possible. Spoiler alert, not much is “impossible.” Since then, I’ve read other books that say just the same thing, one being The Dip by Seth Godin (awesome and short read) as well as the book that this particular post is based on, more on that in a sec. And if you know me, you probably know I plan things way in advance. So let’s talk about creating a dreamline.… Read the rest

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Free Food: The Check-In

Hey there, so it’s been a little bit of time since our last post on what I’ve been doing with the free food at work so let’s catch up. If you haven’t read that last one yet, you can check it out here.

How often I’m actually getting free food

It’s been a good month at work so far. The first week after writing the last blog post, I brought my lunch in on Monday and never ate it that entire week. There has honestly been a glut of free food in the recent weeks but I’m not complaining.

Common at most workplaces is a free lunch for new hires. I was lucky enough to onboard one of our new product managers and took him out to a nice Chinese restaurant that is enjoyed by everyone in the area. Crazy thing is that their portions are gigantic. You could easily … Read the rest

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How to Scrounge Around for Free Food at Work

I’ve been thinking about writing a little bit about my personal finance goals and how I’m getting there. But maybe writing about how I’m scrounging around for food at work wasn’t the first thing I wanted to write about. Nevertheless, let’s get into this.

Now maybe a question that comes up is “what are you talking about ‘scrounging‘?” Well, what I mean is just getting free food at work. “Oh okay, that’s easy enough to understand.” But no, I mean being intent about finding free food at work.… Read the rest

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Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Probably the cheesiest, most cliché thing you’ve heard in a while, right? So overdone, if you Google it, you get a picture of Shia Labeouf.

What is a dream?

As children, we dream about becoming astronauts and firefighters because that’s all we know. In grade school, we probably talk about traveling the world and helping tons of people. And maybe in college, we imagine our future house, our future job, our house, kids and family.

And as we become adults, we’re taught to face reality. We probably took a job that we didn’t necessarily love to make ends meet. We gave up on the idea of ever owning a Porsche or traveling for three months a year. Now we all just live those dreams vicariously through our favorite vloggers on YouTube.

Song Saa Private Island Resort, something like $900 a night.

The older we get, the more it seems like … Read the rest

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2019 and Beyond for Us

Hey 2019, it’s been a real long while since our last post (like six months actually) and there’s kinda an explanation. The short of it is just that it’s hard to find time to keep up with work, personal life, and then a blog on top of it. After a long day, I just wanna kick back, relax, binge some YouTube, and so on. It is also just as hard to find the motivation behind that. Life can’t be put in a box and there is a lot more to write home about than just food.

Because of that, I think it’s best to just do once-a-month blog posts. It gives more space between thoughts. My hope is that it doesn’t become a chore, a dirty dish used last night that I don’t want to get around to.

Of course, this blog was started on food (and travel) and, as … Read the rest

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Tiny Victory – Filipino-Inspired Dishes Finally Taking Roots

Tiny Victory’s grand opening, located in Jackson Ward

Tiny Victory's Sisig close up

I was able to make some time for Tiny Victory’s grand opening earlier this week and I wanted to share my experience (as well as some pictures of course). I’m excited for what this little restaurant will serve up and will definitely be back in the future.… Read the rest

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ZZQ Texas Style Barbecue Now Finding Its Home in Richmond, VA

ZZQ Texas Style Barbecue Now Finding Its Home in Richmond, VA

Store front

ZZQ is new to Richmond. For a while, they were doing pop ups at places like Ardent and they’ve been working really hard to get where they are today. Because of all that work, Richmond is definitely taking notice.

This is honestly the best BBQ I’ve had in Virginia and highly comparable to BBQ from Austin, TX.

Now, let me pre-face this post with one thing: this is my third visit to ZZQ but this is the only time I’ve been able to taste anything. The first two times, it was sold out! I told myself “I’m getting there early this time, I’m not letting them sell out another time.”

The Best BBQ in Virginia

Let’s first talk about the location like always. From the outside, this place is pretty underwhelming… The first time I ever went here, I … Read the rest

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