Lowe’s Closet Door Installation – Before & After with tons of images

Alright so here’s our before and after of our closet! A lot of hiccups along the way, definitely can’t take for granted the saying “measure twice, cut once” anymore 😓 Continue reading for alllllll of those hiccups. 👇

Before talking about the process of putting these closet doors in, this is the way that our house came. It’s older (1977) and houses then used to have full-length closet doors. Or at least all of ours are. But half of our closet doors are missing and the remaining half don’t work very well. And these full-length closets aren’t really sold anymore so we needed to put in a header to get the right height and put in a new door ourselves. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about all the issues we ran into!

First off, I made the mistake of just getting a random 2×4 out … Read the rest

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